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"Template for photography websites with image galleries. The pages have anchors and the visitors can scroll smoothly to those anchor points with the menu tabs. The dynamic galleries are horizontally scrollable by the mouse, starting with thumbnails. The images can have different sizes and proportions, they can be zoomed and each image has a description. This template was made for a demo, this example is a quick construction, not neccessarly made with a fine taste !"

Of course, this templates, just like all other template of IL Design can be customized, some elements can be deleted and others can be added, the colours, fonts and effects can be changed, etc.


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21 October 2017
  • New photos : please check out the Portraits gallery, at the bottom of its page.
14 June 2014
  • Update : new design, new life... If you like the new skin of my website, please do not hesitate to click "LIKE" in my Facebook Like Box in the IL Social section or write me a comment in the Contact section.
7 May 2013
  • New photo : please check out the Masculine Sensuality gallery, at the bottom of its page.
  • New photo : please check out the Montage gallery, at the bottom of its page.


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