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I am a web designer and I have been working as a freelance since 2006. I offer you my skills to create your website. To meet the demands of the market, I use current technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Adobe Photoshop, etc. and my sites respond perfectly to the use of smartphones and tablets (responsive design). According to the order, I plan and work together with the client or on the basis of an individual idea, paying special attention to communication. My hours are flexible and I am available 7/7 by phone, e-mail and FB messenger.

Because the activities of each client are different, the needs are different, so I deal with them on a case-by-case basis, whether it's creating a simple and classic site or a site that requires special features or activities and a special template. Today, web technology offers opportunities that creative imagination cannot hinder.

Fekete Kutya Guesthouse

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Our guesthouse has opened in January 2020 in the Keszthely Mountains, halfway between Keszthely-Hévíz-Sümeg, 19 km from Lake Balaton, at the western tip of the Balaton Uplands National Park, in Vindornyalak with 76 inhabitants. Its name (Fekete Kutya means Black Dog) was inspired by our dogs, Fuego and Nabu.

We are Hungarian and French people who came from urban life to realize and have that surroundings what we could imaging as a perfect. We enjoy magical and inspirational nature, animals and country-side people near us, we have all comforts, energy comes from the "zen vibe" stupa, we can meditate and create, art smells in the air.

We encourage all countryside-rustic lovers, trippers-trekkers-hikers, bikers, zen-tranquility seekers, transit travelers, art lovers, pilgrims, animal admirers and anyone... We welcome our guests with a hospitality of a family ambiance.

IL Art Photography

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I am Hungarian origin, was born in Budapest. I have moved to Paris, France in 1999 and I had the opportunity to immerse myself in art more deeply from that year, I am self-educated. From 2007 my interest is approached more and more towards the photography, web-design and digital art with image retouch. Starting with a Canon Powershot G3, then a Canon EOS 400D digital camera, my equipment was always modest.

In photography, the light and dark attracted me, so I installed a small studio in my home with a black background. My models were mainly non-professional models, other photographers and some friends among others.

I am passionate, too many things interest me. The human, the body, different faces, beauty are in my main repertoire. We say that art shows our own face as a mirror, it reflects the real ego...

IL Voyage Photos

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Photography from all around the world : landscapes, ethnics, portraits, urban. Here I am pleased to show my photos made during my trips. As one of my ex work was being an art photographer, I am obliged to say that you should not consider these images like art works.

I am obliged to say that you should not consider these images like art works. My aim is to show my photos especially for friends, who were always waiting impatiently to see what I saw so far. Also my aim was to keep my best memories of that beautiful World we have.

IL Art Mosaics

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From 2002 I started to create my mosaic pictures and I made a ceramist training in potter's wheel craft at the French Ceramic Academy, belonging to the famous ceramics factory of Sèvres.

My mosaic style is unique : realistic, expressionist or surrealistic with personalised cuts. I use a non traditional way with placing the tiles very close to each other; the grout has no important rule, not like in traditional mosaics.

The first series are called "Africa" with portrays and dancing figures after the photography of the book "African ceremonies" made by Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith. I participated in the 5th. International Mosaic Symposium in October - November 2004 in Chartres (France) which was my first exhibition and I was the 3rd prize winner of Picassiette Award's Public Vote with my these art pieces. This regular exhibition is one of the most important for the World's mosaists, it has determined my artistic future. That was the beginning...

Web Design, Art & Guesthouse...

My name is Igor Laszlo, passionate about HTML, CSS and JS, I am a bit of a web designer, developer, a bit of infographiste and all what is necessary to create a website. Also art lover, I am a bit photographer and a bit mosaist.

In addition, I adore nature, so I am a bit of a gardener, trecker and environmentalist, geologist too.

Further more, travel and communication are vital for me, I am sociologist, anthropologist and ethnographer on a small scale.

With other words... I am web developer and designer, guesthouse owner, and ex photographer and artist. French-Hungarian citizen, living in West Hungary for the moment.

Go through my websites to find out more about me...